Madrid, 1948

His professional education took place at the “Escuela de Bellas Artes” – School of Fine Arts -, in Madrid.

At the beginning of his career, his work was meanly focused in both drawings and etchings, following a figurative style with clear, oneiric references as shown in his first solo exhibition held in 1978 at the “Galería Juana Mordó“.

He worked for the above – mentioned gallery for the following ten years and throughout those years, his works were exhibited in Bilbao, Paris, Madrid and many other cities.

The work carried out in this second stage turns into a more accurate vision of reality, though holding a strong, poetic weight, evolving from at first a
one colour technique to a tempered colour one, which meant  a technical change.

From 1985, he resumed painting, usually oil on wood, giving rise to a proposal of images got from an apparently commonplace environment (apart from a more explicit series on gardens) which, under the artist´s gaze, becomes a world shrouded in evocation.

Since 1990, he has been being represented by “Galería Leandro Navarro”, where he has taken part in group exhibitions several times as well as in two solo exhibitions in 1995 and 2007.

At present, he is working on a future exhibition of his latest paintings.



The light is the main subject of his work. It is not a spectacular optical illusion, but the sign of what is not seen but it is there. The light is the element that makes body relief, its density and its dimension stand out in contrast to vegetables masses. The light, in César Luengo´s work, has shapes and words, it is the perfect guide that shows what he wants to be known: the presence of a non-visible personage who is about to turn up from around the corner or the track and mark of the human being at the half-open gate of a garden or a house.
C. G.

César Luengo´s work leads to confirm there is another reality overlapping with our reality: men´s emotions coexist with the sentiments of the entourage, with the soul of things, with the spirit of the form. By means of a clear, direct language, the artist´s aim is to transmit to us this way of observing; he holds time at the moment when things are extremely still, outside men´ live; he revives the original unit between nature and spirit; he avoids any kind of striving for effect which could break the harmony arising from each of his landscapes. His language is a synthesis of lyricism, intimacy and silence.
C. M.

The landscapes César Luengo paints reflect a particular reality observed through remembrance and feeling. They belong to an own geography he rediscovers and explores in each work. They are places found by chance, when travelling, or during a walk along the city. All of a sudden, an emotion springs up, he keeps in his memory the impression received, he thinks about it, he ponders over it and perhaps, some months later, a painting arises trying to reflect that experience. It is not only the rapture, but  the maturation and the innermost experience with remembrance as well what gives rise to works, which are exquisitely intense, subtle in details and show an emotional itinerary. The essential fact is the atmosphere created, reflection of an indefinable experience surpassing the look and being closer to wonder.
Javier Mazorra




1978   Galería Juana Mordó, Madrid.

1979   Galería Mun, Bilbao.

1980   Galería Estampa, Madrid.

1983   Galería Juana Mordó, Madrid.

1995   Galería Leandro Navarro, Madrid.

1998   Galería Ederti, Bilbao.

2007   Galería Leandro Navarro, Madrid.

2010   Centro Cultural Príncipe de Asturias, Madrid



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