I see the old broken stone monuments but if I touch the scar on your body responds stone me, recognize my fingers suddenly shaken, your hot sweetness.
Pablo Neruda.

For the painter‘s role is an essential element for creating. Here are the concepts embodied and visible. The drawing paper gives the artist a kind of freedom and relaxation that does not exist in other media painting. The lines on paper become the first expressive language of the intellectual.

The sketches have a role in cognitive benefit for him. Not all end up being passed on to the canvas. Works on canvas are a product that erroneously have more appreciation for the general public as atística work, but which, however, does not preclude also have sketches. Art can move and especially more recently between two, more particularly extreme, one external, usually published and precious, sometimes refuses to be decipherable, and another, inner, where the key to the mystery.The drawings are moved outside of art and commercial art market and interest. The painting can often cut the artist’s freedom and therefore the viewer. This fails to take full advantage of the creator, the subordination precisely the means of expression or support entails.

The market and art auctions have been since the nineteenth century that have influenced for the difference in value of the construction paper. There is more to approach an art gallery to see the price difference. It is in the area closed critics, curators and dealers, where regals game are proposed. Fortunately, there is always an exception and are collectors themselves who have come to appreciate the essence enclosing drawings., Always outside the interests of others, and from a few decades ago the paper work is enjoying a slight but growing recognition international.

The sketches illustrate and document the process of the artist. In the present case, César Luengo, the definitive works as the essence and the end of that idea. This means that many of them are not passed to another medium. These drawings of gardens, fountains, stairways, doors, interior, windows, etc. provide an analogy between the work and the person. When we go into these, and we abandon pre perspectives to the world of the artist‘s innermost potential. A space where we recreate the work and the artist opens. The look of these works, surely we can subtract to melancholy. It can be said that this type of contemplation reveals to the viewer a more important than other materials can offer part. The drawing is basically line, executed in light and dark, taking the name of the material does, in this sample, ink drawing. Drawing has always been a universal graphical language, used by man to convey his ideas, his knowledge and in a larger sense, their culture. The sketches of Caesar Luengo invite us to participate in full essence and reality emotionally charged.

Jesús Cámara